About us

About us

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On a mission to eat only delicious food, all day every day. Quite frankly, you’re lucky enough to be invited along for the ride.

We just love cooking

And we enjoy eating too!

Our mission is to empower you to try out new recipes and feel excited about cooking again.

We all know the feeling of standing in the kitchen with the feeling that there are loads of ingredients, but somehow nothing to eat. That ends now!

Inspire yourself with new recipes for old favorites, reimagined with new (potentially healthier!) ingredients, as well as discover new ones to play around and experiment with yourself! There are countless interesting combinations to try out and enjoy!


Introducing new classics as well as innovative combinations, we have all kinds!

In our recipes section, you can find all of our blog posts, detailing recipe instructions, along with notes on possibilities for alterations. This way you can put your own spin on our recipes and tailor them to match your tastes exactly! You can filter by category to find breakfast items or vegan recipes, as well as countless other specific recipe types.

We love to keep it simple, just as much as we love to go all out. Accordingly, you can find a number of basic techniques featured here as well. Topics include making rouxs and thickening sauces, as well as explainers about useful techniques you can apply in tons of different recipes. All of this comes from our own experience, with recipes coming from our own kitchens, tested so you can enjoy with ease!


Spotlights on individual ingredients explain its properties and flavors

Trying out new ingredients can seem daunting, but with our spotlights on specific ingredients, you can easily learn more and decide for yourself what you would like to try out. Here we feature the recipes that we have used these ingredients in, be they gluten-free, high-protein flours, a variety of lentils and legumes, or dried fruits and grains.