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Under ‘ingredient spotlight’ you can find introductory articles to all manner of different ingredients, some more common, others a bit more out there. From wild rice to red lentil flour, come join us in an exploration of new flavors and textures! Try out a new recipe today!

By taking a look at the tags, you can filter by the type of ingredient you are looking for. Tags are always being added! Try ‘flours’ or ‘lentils’ to get you started!

You can find all the ingredients that we have featured. Some you can easily make at home yourself with nothing more than a food processor – oat, almond, hazelnut flour, and more. Others you can find at the store, like soy, teff, rice, and coconut flour. Try it out! See what you like and what you want to use again.

While we are by no means nutritionists or dieticians, we do know how to do our research. We have also made it possible to filter to find gluten free and high protein recipes. Of course, you can often sub out ingredients to make recipes suit your needs. We will note this whenever we remember.

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We test new ingredients every day and add recipes often, so check back often! Check out the ingredient spotlight archives for many more articles. There’s always new things to try.