Ingredient spotlight: hazelnut flour

Hazelnut flour

I love hazelnuts more than I realized, and at this point in my life, think that a pinch of hazelnut flour belongs in almost everything. 

As with most other flours made from nuts, you can also make this at your home with relative ease. I personally like the finely ground flours I can find at my regular degular supermarket since I like the very consistent tiny little particles, but this one is doable to make yourself at home. 

Hazelnuts are also a main component of nutella, so you know they are truly god’s favorite. 


A great grain-free alternative for bakers and baking, hazelnut flour has a high protein content and is rich in vitamin E and manganese among others. 


I have used hazelnut flour in sauces, such as Romesco sauce with bell peppers, and in many cookies and cakes and other assorted pastries. I have used it along with dates and coconut oil in a no-bake raw vegan cake before (tasted pretty fucking good, although also distinctly ‘healthy’ if that makes sense). 

Adding some hazelnuts, ground down to whatever consistency suits your needs at the time, to almost any cake or fruit bake or crumble, or anything really, just ups the flavor up a notch. In my opinion, the only place hazelnuts don’t belong is on the plate in front of someone who is allergic. 



General caveats that I feel compelled to add: 

I am *NOT* a nutritionist. I am just someone who is deeply interested in and profoundly committed to eating delicious food only. In seeking to reach this goal, I am often trying out random new ingredients that I come across. These ingredients are ones I may not know anything about, and so I am simply sharing my notes with you. I will be updating these as I go along and learn more. I will also link to more recipes that use these ingredients, so that you can try them yourself. If you have any allergies or intolerances, please consult with an actual doctor who can guarantee you accurate information.

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