Ingredient spotlight: hemp flour

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Hemp flour

I bought hemp flour because I saw it in the store once, and just thought it was kinda funny and that I would definitely try it out, only to come home to find out that it is one of the best plant-based sources of protein, so that’s cool. Aside from being high in protein, it also contains a lot of omega-3s. 

The flour has a much darker color than most other flours I have, save maybe for sunflower seed flour, and feels much denser and heavier. I would definitely use a scale to measure this flour, instead of cups, since it just seems to have more heft to it. 


Hemp flour is good for use in just about anything, though I recommend only replacing about 10% of the total flour amount (I mean, that’s just what the bag says, don’t let me or this bag tell you how to live your life, and please do report back if you experiment with higher percentages!)

Recipes to try

Recipes I have used this flour in include naan and sugar cookies, both of which I thought turned out great. (This list will be updated as relevant, with links to the recipes below.) The darker flecks from the flour, in a baked good that otherwise was made only with regular degular wheat flour, I thought added a nice little visual element. 

The recipe from the bag is hemp crackers, which I have been meaning to try as well. 

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