Ingredient spotlight: teff flour

Teff flour

Teff flour is ancient and Ethiopian which I thought was pretty darn cool, and I was excited when I randomly found it at the store. I quite like Ethiopian food (especially since they got so much vegan and vegetarian stuff going on) and wanted to try my hand at making some injera, so I was inspired when I saw it in the shop and knew I had to buy it right away. 


Teff and by extension also its associated flour is gluten free, which is cool if that’s something that corresponds to your dietary needs. It is also quite high in calcium and protein, making it a popular choice for athletes and endurance trainers. 


According to the package instructions, you can replace 20% of regular flour with teff, in recipes that don’t necessarily call for teff. I have made flatbreads and naan with about 25-30% teff and I thought they turned out great.

I have personally also tried making injera purely with teff, so there are other recipes out there that are designed with teff in mind, where using more obviously makes sense. Unfortunately, my first attempt at making injera (like the 5 day process, where you let it naturally ferment) was not the most successful, but I will certainly try again soon.

Just follow the recipe and use your best judgment. You can do it! Even if you mess up a little bit, I am sure you will learn something anyway! 

Teff pancakes


  • 125g teff flour
  • 100g brown rice flour
  • 400ml milk drink
  • 3 eggs
  • Salt


  • Mix
  • Fry
  • Enjoy



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